Universal Orlando Fun Run 5K Recap

It was a very early Saturday morning when I woke up  for the company fun run. Having slept about three hours the night before (on top of taking two flights back from DC), I knew the run wasn’t going to be decent. I had the goal of breaking sub :30 in the 5K, and thought this race would be the one to do it.

I hadn’t run since Marine Corps; I walked a lot at work! But mileage at work doesn’t substitute well for legitimate racing miles.


UO Fun run

The field was slightly more than 1,000, which was perfect. The announcers were asking for competitive runners to be in the front, slightly less competitors in the middle, and walkers/strollers in the back. I thought this was very fair. I lined up near the front, still with that sub :30 on my mind.

At 6AM, we counted down and raced through the gates to Islands of Adventure!


All of my pictures are going to be horrendously dark until the end. 


The course was very windy, as we alternated from onstage and offstage/backstage areas often. We were in the presence of our most majestic attractions, such as Hulk, Skull Island: Reign of Kong, Poseidon’s Fury, and Hogwarts Castle!

I started out fantastically, with my first quarter of a mile hovering around 2:30. I slowed for a quick walk interval, then started back up again. The route ran through Marvel: Superhero Island, and the characters began. I never stop for characters in runDisney races, but seeing as there were very few people comparatively doing this race, I felt it obligatory to stops for some characters:


Comic Book Strip and Toon Lagoon were next:


Then Jurassic Park and Hogsmeade!


Frog Choir!


Even with character stops, my first mile was around 13 minutes. Not bad.

To clarify, this was a non-chipped race. Nothing is officially official, and I’m going off of my watch data.

We ran out of Hogsmeade and through The Lost Continent. All of the decorations were on as we traversed through Seuss Landing.


Hooking a left out of Seussland, we started the ever-so-boring backstage portion.

Soon, we were in Universal Studios Florida, and the second half of the race!



I took it easy and just absorbed the emptiness of the park, along with the decorations. It was sooo relaxing to take in the scenery without guests or a ton of runners. It was a relatively quiet race (no spectators, either, since the park hadn’t opened up at that point).


My pace had slowed down even more, but I was suprisingly okay with it. I was just on the lookout for the next character stop!


By the time I finished the race (51:25), I had a PR for character stops with 11.

UO FUn run finish

I met up with some of my attractions team and we proceeded through the breakfast line, which is better than any recovery box I’ve ever received.


All in all, a good day for my first and only 5K of the year!


WDW Marathon Weekend Corrals and Waivers

Ladies and gentlemen, runners of all ages…

It’s that time of year. I’m not talking about Christmas or other wintery holidays…

It’s runDisney season!!!


We have about 17 days until the Super Bowl of runDisney occurs down in Walt Disney World. WDW Marathon weekend is in its 24th year, and will encompass four races and two challenges throughout the weekend: WDW 5K, WDW 10K, WDW Half Marathon, and WDW Marathon; Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, and the Dopey Challenge. 2017 is special in that we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the half marathon!


XX = Roman numeral for 20, for those that are confused by the design.

Yesterday, the corrals and waivers were released, and runners will be able to access their bib numbers and corral placements. Now, for those that are seasoned runDisney veterans, they’re already out and cruising towards Magic Kingdom (i.e. they already know what to do). If you’re a newbie, don’t panic! I’m here to help make this as painless and simple as possible. Here is what you do!


  1. Click this link. It will take you to your waiver: WDW Marathon Weekend Waiver
  2. When you arrive to the page, enter your last name and DOB.
  3. Your waiver will pop up. If you have a printer, print it out and sign it. If you don’t, you can print it out at the expo.

Your bib number will be at the bottom of the page, along with your age and shirt size. Using this bib number, look up your corral for your race: 2017-wdw-half-corrals2017-wdw-marathon-corrals2017-goofy-corrals2017-dopey-corralsNow, for those running the challenge runs (Goofy and Dopey), things are a little different for you. I consulted by BRF, Jess, for this information!

“Goofy and Dopey bibs have two corral letters, right? Or is that just Dopey? -me

“Goofy only has one so you are in the same corral for half and full. Dopey has two bibs: one for the 5k and 10k, the other for half and full. You are in the same corral for half and full for Dopey. You’re also in the same starting corral for the 5k and 10k for Dopey, too, but you don’t find that out until the expo :)” -Jess

So there ya go. Dopey = 2 bibs, 2 letters. Everyone else = 1 bib.

5Kers…You’ll notice there is no timing chip on your bib. It’s an untimed race, but you are still in a corral. Just run to have fun!

One last note: no matter if you print your waiver now or at the expo, you better make sure you have your ID with you when you retrieve your bib and race packet. Have it out and ready to go so you’re not fishing around and fumbling with your stuff when you get there.

Personal notes:

-I’ll be running the Goofy Challenge this year! I’ll be in Corral J for both races.

Looks like a Reese’s Cup to me!


-I will be driving to Florida instead of flying.

-I’m tinkering with the idea of a WDW Marathon Survival Guide. For those that have read my Princess Half Survival Guide series, you know that it is catered to those that are first-timers/newbies. Are there any topics that you would like to see me elaborate on/write about that are tailored for the WDW Marathon weekend?

Happy training and traveling! Have a great holiday season!img_1808


Run For the Badge 5K Recap

I’m branching away from my meticulously-detailed recaps to bring you a Reader’s Digest version of my most recent race, the Run for the Badge 5K. Held on the streets of Washington D.C. on Saturday, October 15th, this race benefitted the National Law Enforcement Memorial fund, and brought runners from 47 states and three countries together (along with many more through the virtual version).

Chris convinced me to sign up a couple of weeks before race day. It was very chilly, but a great day overall to break out the thin blue line gear.

(Picture one: Sparkle Skirt, Brooks MCM ’15 jacket. Picture 2: Sparkly Soul, and a bow that Chris’s mom made for me!)


(Chris and I. I love his shoelaces! Plus, his Garmin matches with the black and blue theme.)


T’was a chilly morning. Temps were in the low fifties. Perfect running weather.


(I joked that this was a .01 gratification run, since we had to go through the finish line to take the first turn onto the course.)

The gun fired at 9:00AM and we took off down the road and around the corner. The course was very flat, save for a hill at the beginning (and the same hill at the end when we looped around to the finish):

There were a couple of issues with the route, in which the runners would be dodging each other at intersections where the course looped out-and-back and runners would be running into each other as they rounded the corner to the next section. There was one water stop at the halfway mark, which is normal for a 5K.

Personally, I was running a great race at the beginning. Chris and I ran a steady pace and felt decent as we ran in the shadows on the buildings around us. Around halfway through the first mile, my good ‘ol friend Side Stitch came back in full force. My projected 9:00/mile went out the door as I clutched my obliques and slowed down. Chris was right there with me as I threw a partial hissy fit; I was overheating and felt ugly and out of shape. He boosted me up and continued to do so throughout the entire 3.1 miles. I also noticed that my heart rate was skyrocketing into the 190’s. Not necessarily a good thing. I took note of when my Garmin told me these warnings and slowed down accordingly.

I was really hell-bent on getting a sub-:30 5K, but as we ran down the final stretch (“No walking breaks!”-Chris) and around the corner, I realized that being able to finish strong regardless of how crappy I thought I was racing earlier was more important. img_1298

I stopped my Garmin, and realized I had PRed with a 35:50! That’s a seven-minute improvement from March, when I was running the RnR DC 5K on a damaged knee and finished in 42:07.

Finished almost in the top 100!


Chris educated me on the fact that the medal is roughly the same size as a law enforcement badge. Genius!


Post-race munches. Hell yeah, fruit snacks!

I can always count on Chris to keep pushing me to the next level. Our fraternity motto is “Strive For the Highest” and I’m constantly reminded how much I CAN do with a lot of faith and a little pixie dust. I’m so proud to call him my Big Brother and to have celebrated his birthday by running with him. 🙂


Brace Yourselves…Fall Race Season Is Coming.

It’s just about that time of year again: the air begins to cool (unless you’re up here in D.C. and you’re still sweltering in 90+ degree weather), kids are going back to school, the leaves begin to turn, and pumpkin spice begins to dominate the shelves.

Oh yes, one more thing…



I don’t know about you all, but the relentless sunshine and humidity has wreaked havoc on my initial training plans for this summer. Some days were definitely better than others, and I relished the cool, cloudy days. (I found myself ironically doing my longest mileage on the hottest days with the worst humidity. Ha.) Just like back-to-school season has a sense of newness with an aura of new beginnings and a clean slate, I consider September the start of the new racing season; this past weekend was the Disneyland Half/Dumbo Double Dare weekend, along with Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach. From there, a whole slew of races and their shiny bling will be dominating our social media feeds until probably…mid-April-ish, after the Boston and London Marathons?

I’m rather excited to get started on my journey. I feel more like a legitimate runner with the lineup of races that I have on the horizon. I also got a terrific steal on a Planet Fitness membership…$99 for an entire year! You seriously can’t beat that! 🙂

I kickstarted this upcoming lineup of races back in August with the virtual National Park Series 100th Birthday race/#NPS100VRC. Props to the Virtual Running Club for heading it up! There were three options and I chose to run the 5K. My time may seem super slow…but I did have a lot of speed bursts throughout my time on the treadmill, and that I really can run up to 8 mph.

I am very much looking forward to getting this 3D ranger hat medal!


My IRL running schedule will be the busiest it’s ever been. Here’s the current rundown for the next six months, with possible additions along the way:

September 18th: Navy/Air Force Half Marathon (#NAFHALF)


Running through the nation’s capital has always been a treat; there’s so many things to look at, you definitely won’t get bored on the course! I’ve been looking forward to the NAFHALF since I signed up for it way back when. The course map eerily reflects the Marine Corps Marathon route, so 95% of the terrain will be insanely familiar. I feel like this will give me a decent advantage. The projected weather, however, is calling for scattered storms and a high of 82 degrees. I really hope the heat and humidity hold off until after we’re done.

I’m still chasing my first sub-3:00 half marathon (current PR: 3:06:48 from PHM ’14), and am hoping to use this race as a POT update for Goofy Challenge weekend in January.

November 19th: Inaugural Everglades Half Marathon (#EvergladesHalf)


Chris and I have a goal to complete each of the Vacation Races, which take place at National Parks. There are currently nine, and we decided to get a jump start on completing our mission by signing up for the Everglades Half! This will be Chris’s first half marathon; I’ll be playing pacer while he plays tour guide. (He’s a Floridian with extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna, and all things National Parks related.)

January 7th and 8th: Goofy Challenge (WDW Half Marathon and WDW Marathon)


I told myself in the beginning of the year that I would be kicking my fitness up a notch, and what better way to do so than to train for one of the toughest runDisney challenges? For those that are unfamiliar with Goofy, it is 39.3 miles over two days. 2017 will be special, in which the half marathon will be the 20th anniversary edition (bring on the special bling!). I originally wanted to sign up for the half solely, but something inside of me said, “Go Goofy!” After having such a blast at the WDW Marathon this year, I decided to give it another go around. Plus, Chris and I will also be running the WDW Half together! (We’re going to focus on the half as a legitimate time race.)

A word to the wise: 39.3 miles is definitely not something to screw around with. I’ll be following Hal Higdon’s Dopey Challenge training plan, and it just so conveniently begins for me on September 12.  The first long run of that week is…a half marathon (aka NAFHALF)! How perfect!

February 22nd and 23rd: Glass Slipper Challenge (Enchanted 10K and Princess Half Marathon)

Fifth PHM, fourth GSC, and a potential Belle theme. As much as I wanted to say no to this challenge this year for a variety of reasons, the thought of being so close to legacy status excites me. The development of my PHM Survival Guide last year gave me a closer attachment to this race weekend as I connected with so many runners over the topics covered.  I definitely want to come back and have a better performance in 2017; major stomach issues kept me from achieving my A-goal PRs in 2016.

(And no, Chris is not running this one with me. Haha.)

March 11th: Rock ‘n’ Roll D.C. Marathon

RnR D.C. was my first ever race in this series, and trust me, I fell in love with it. Not only was it my first 5K ever (and first time being a pacer!), but it was also my first race expo volunteer experience.  Rock ‘n’ Roll really knows how to put on a great performance. I truly look forward to completing more of their events and eventually going for Hall of Fame status, probably in 2018.

Speaking of pacing, this will be Chris’s first FULL marathon! It’ll be my job to make sure we don’t die on the course; the course cutoff is at 5 hours and 30 minutes, or a 12:35/mile. (Rather quick for an RnR marathon, but D.C. has strict road close/open times.) If all goes well, we will also be running the Marine Corps Marathon later in 2017.

The only race that I have a TBD on at the moment is the London Marathon. I put my name into the Goblet of Fire…errrr, the race lottery, way back in May. I’ll find out in October if I get to begin my World Marathon Majors journey!

By looking at this list, you may think that I’m way over my head. A 10K, four half marathons, and two (possibly three) fulls in six to seven months?

Like most runners, I’m crazy.

But you know what else? It’ll also make me accountable for my training and nutrition. If I am to come out on top and be successful, I have to be more diligent, dedicated, and disciplined. After all…



What is on tap for your fall/winter racing season? Any specific goals that you’re trying to achieve?  Will I be seeing you at any of these races?


See you at the finish line!


runDisney: The Beginning of Improvement?

Seems like it’s been a big week for runDisney!

First, the Castle to Chateau medals were revealed. So. Freakin’. Adorable! I adore the colors and the designs. (I’m a huge fan of the Remy medal!)

Yesterday, runDisney debuted new 5K medals. Many runners have complained about the lack of “medal-ness”, for lack of a better term, from previous races. (For those just jumping on the runDisney bandwagon, they were rubber medallions.) Material-wise, it’s an incredible upgrade. Design-wise, however, they’re a bit lackluster. I can hardly distinguish WHAT is happening on the medal because there is little to no color contrast. The lanyards look super sweet, though!

Also, runDisney is shifting towards digital event guides. I’m at a crossroads with this. While they’re doing their part for the whole “Going Green” movement, I personally like to have something in my hands to flip through and reference at a moment’s notice.

Now that it seems like runDisney is actually starting to listen to the complaints of the consumers and are slowly, yet surely, acting on them, I am curious to see what other changes are coming our way. Personally, I’m hoping for changes in the following areas:

  1. Quality vs. quantity with regard to runner perks.
  2. Race-day transportation fluidity for those on-site.
  3. Providing a map of character stops for those racing solely for pictures.
  4. Bringing back the oldie-but-goodie runDisney aspects, such as the night races and better perks for Wine and Dine after-party in EPCOT.


Any other thoughts from the peanut gallery on these recent changes?

Rock ‘n’ Roll D.C. 5K Recap

I went to bed on Friday evening feeling fulfilled and accomplished after a successful day  of volunteering at the expo. I was pumped to be racing my first 5K the next morning with Lauren, but was also a little anxious.

Anxious for a 5K? What the hell, Christina. You’ve run marathons. 5K is nothing in comparison!

(Yeah, that’s lovely, but my left knee had been giving me issues ever since Glass Slipper. After a lot of self-researching, I hypothesized that it was a case of Runner’s Knee, or patellar tendinitis. As much as I would have loved to really race this 5K, I had two objectives:

  1. To pace Lauren comfortably, and
  2. Finish in one piece.

My knee had been seizing up during the night the days before the race. On a scale of 1-10, this pain was around a 9.8. Trust me, it was not pleasant to deal with. Any runner who has dealt with injury before can commisserate.)

I woke up a little before 5:00 AM and sent a good morning text to Chris, who was at the airport and heading his way towards D.C.! The thought that I knew my KKPsi Big Brother would be waiting in the finisher’s area for Lauren and I gave me an early morning boost that didn’t require coffee. 🙂

I got dressed and started making my way to the Metro. Based off of the timing I noted the day before, it would take me about 25 minutes to make it to the Stadium Armory from Mount Vernon Square, including the transfer from L’Enfant Plaza. At the MVS stop, I ran into another group of runners that were running the half and found out the majority of them went to PSAC schools just like I had, and we struck up conversation. It really is a small world!

I got to the staging area around 6:25 AM, and caught this fabulous sunrise…img_3376img_3375

Since I had well over an hour until the race started, I explored the finisher’s area and snapped a few pictures while updating the socials with said pictures…

I found Lauren while on my adventures, and we went around trying to find the gear check trucks. It took a couple of minutes and a visit to the info booth to figure out where we were going, but we got everything checked and ready to go! The rock music (lots of Metallica and AC/DC) was pumping and runners were getting excited. Once we got to corral 3, it was horribly weird acknowledging the fact that I was in a race area that had 2,200 runners. I was used to far more chaotic crowds, and a larger corral space. (These corrals were only a fraction of the runDisney corrals’ size.) 1004487_967011606687593_329825332240942459_n

(^^Lauren and I pre-race! Look how close we are to the start line and we’re only in Corral 3.)

In the minutes just before the race began, the corrals flooded with people and it got very crowded. It didn’t seem like anyone was really policing the area for proper corral placement. (I’m assuming this was more critical for the half and full, which were starting simultaneously across town.)img_3390

Weather-wise, it was a decent day. It was a little gloomy after the sunrise ended, and it sprinkled a little, but it was in the upper 40’s so that was ideal. The race started promptly at 7:30 with the corral 1 runners. All 2,200 of us counted down each other’s corrals. That was a fantastic feeling! The corrals were released in 1-1:30 minute increments, and this felt like no time at all. In less than five minutes, Lauren and I were taking off past RFK Stadium to accomplish our first 5K! We took a very conservative pace (which turned out to be around a 13:00 mpm), and spent the time taking in the course and experience. Bands were playing at every mile marker, and we were engaged in conversation the entire time. (This is a great method to determine whether you’re going too hard; if you can’t form coherent sentences, you’re going too fast.) img_3392

I helped pace our run/walk segments; I would call out a certain spot on the course (usually a mile marker), and encourage Lauren that, “Once we get to that spot, we can walk! Yay!” After each marker we hit, we walked for a about a minute to assess our bodies and make sure we weren’t falling apart. We kept calling out distances via our Garmin (which we magically started at the exact same time), and would count down how much longer we would have to run to finish the course. The elites were coming back up on our left side during Mile 1, and we cheered for each one of them, which prompted more cheering from the runners around us. (Runner comraderie is the best!)img_3393

We rounded mile three, and started up the last hill towards the finish. The gentleman who was announcing the finishers was actually DOWN ON THE COURSE personally giving high fives and interacting with the runners. There’s no better feeling than giving a high five and having him say, “Team Sparkle is in the house!” with cheers erupting from the grandstands.

Across the finish line we went, and 5K was officially completed in 42:07! Woohoo!img_3401

(Trust me, my first thought after, “Woohoo!” was, “…that was it!?!” Running long distances will have that effect.)12832408_970135086375245_2202102343895699416_n

The RnR finisher’s chute is set up far differently than runDisney, and I may actually prefer this method: first, medals (handed to you, not draped around your neck), pictures (not formal; the backdrops were their for runners’ leisure in case they wanted pictures), space blankets (my collection keeps growing!), and different food tents where you could pick and choose your recovery items that you wanted (chips/pretzels/salty snacks, bananas, True Moo chocolate milk, Powerbar…the list goes on!)

Lauren and I grabbed our items and headed over to the potties, gear retrieval, and changing tent. At this time, Chris had arrived and I was anxious to greet my Big Brother. I had sent him a picture of the A-D family meetup sign earlier, and told him to meet us there. We entered the finisher’s festival area and I saw him from afar. I looked at Lauren and excitedly mentioned, “There’s my Big!” and took off toward him at full speed, my Mylar blanket flying behind me like a cape. (I didn’t care how much my knee hurt at this point. I was just excited to see my Big!) Luckily for me, Chris was facing the other way, and my hug from behind took him by total surprise (to the point where he almost flipped me over; martial arts training will have that effect). Once the realization was made that I was a friend and not an enemy, hugs and smiles and happiness were exchanged.

Can you see why I was so excited for the end of this race? Yeah. That’s why.


So that is the story of Christina’s first 5K! I’m very content that I could finally cross that off my list of race distances that I have run, and that my knee held up the whole time! At the time of this writing, it has been healing quite nicely. I traversed close to 50 miles during my time in D.C. (compared to 47.2 during Christmas vacation), so I think that played a role in loosening whatever tightness had accumulated during the three weeks between GSC and RnR. Those adventures will be covered in a forthcoming post.

In the two and a half months so far in 2016, I have raced four races of four different distances: full, 10K, half, 5K. Currently, I have no races scheduled on the calendar in the near future, but that may change at any time…you never know where I may show up next!

Until next time,img_3400

See you at the finish line!


There’s a First Time For Everything

Ladies and gents…I’m heading back to Washington D.C.!

(…not like I wasn’t just there in December or anything…)

It seems like every time I turn around, I’m in the nation’s capital for some reason or another. Yes, I will be running a race. No, I haven’t landed a job there. Not yet, anyway.

So, what’s the race, runDisneyBelle?

I’m so glad you asked…



Rock ‘n’ Roll D.C.! I will be running the 5K on Saturday morning! It is also the fifth-year anniversary of the RnR D.C. race!


I’m elated about this coming weekend because it will check off many “Runner Firsts” for me, including…


–Running a 5K. (Yep. FINALLY running 3.1 miles as a race and not as an addition to other mileage en route to finishing another distance! And since this my first 5K, I get a PR! Woohoo! And the medal is SO stinkin’ adorable.)

–Running my first race in the RnR series. (I haven’t raced much in the years I’ve been running, yet when I do, I’ve done the runDisney/MCM races. Time to branch off into other series, and it looks like a TON of fun from all the pictures. This year’s bling is super cute, too!)


–Volunteering/being on the Race Crew (I’ll be at the expo on Friday from 9-7:30 in some capacity or other. I’ll update the socials when I know!) 428448_441581312600190_149554978_n

–Pacing a fellow Kappa Kappa Psi brother/running friend to the finish! (You may remember Lauren from my 2015 Almost-MCM recap. She paced me twice along the course and even met me at the finish in Rosslyn when I got off the bus. Hugs all around. She’s amazing.)


In addition to all the firsts, there are other things about RnR D.C. weekend that I’m looking forward to:

WRS meetup DC

–We Run Social will be at the expo on Friday for a meetup! Granted, I’ll be Race Crew-ing somewhere, but knowing that they’re there is a fabulous feeling.

–Reconnecting with some of my favorite vendors; Sparkle Athletic and SparklySoul being two of them!

–The potential to run into fellow runner buddies as they traverse the expo. (As you can tell, the potential social aspect of the weekend is raging right now.)

–Washington D.C., in general. Not only does my amazing cousin, Adriane, and her husband, Robert, live here, there is something about this city that just draws me in (besides its ability to draw runners in with its multitude of events). I had contemplated moving here right after graduation in 2015…then life happened. (As always.) But I am highly reconsidering going hardcore on applying to places. Suggestions/leads are always welcome!

I will also be spending four days with my KKPsi Big Brother, Chris, sightseeing and touring and running around the city with. I have yet to formally introduce him on the blog yet, but I will! He’s super cool and adopted me as his Little Brother. (Charter Members don’t get big brothers; we are our own big brother, essentially.) He adopted me right after WDW Marathon weekend and we’ve been super close ever since. Due to said coolness, he deserves a highlighted post or five. I also got him into running, and he’ll be running the Star Wars Dark Side 10K as his first runDisney [and 10K!] race! He’ll be meeting Lauren and I at the finisher’s area (and this will also be the first time I’ll have someone actually waiting for me at the end of a race!).

Speaking of sightseeing…

(photo cred: americaslibrary.gov and washington.org)

CHERRY BLOSSOMS. Holy crap, people. How about this amazing warm weather we’re having right now in the Northeast?! The National Mall Park Service originally announced on March 2nd that the CB peak was to occur March 31-April 3.


Yeah, no. That isn’t happening now.

It has now been bumped up!img_3295

Peak Week is now projected for March 18-23!  If I’m playing my cards right, I’ll be able to get some halfway decent pictures this coming weekend of everything just about to peak.

The Cherry Blossom Festival will still take place March 20-April 17 in Washington D.C. (Head over to http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/) for information about this annual tradition!



Will I be seeing you in a few days at Rock ‘n’ Roll D.C. Weekend?!

It’s Official!

I’m so excited to announce that I am officially a Brand Ambassador for EnergyBits!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

If you wish to add life to yours one bit at a time, hop on over to energybits.com and use promo code runDisneyBelle for a 20% discount on your bag of Bits! 


Two Years, Six Races, a Few PRs…

I’ve only been running for almost two years. First race was the 2013 Princess Half (which will always be “my” race, as it started this entire journey). I only did two races that year, the second being a Turkey Trot 10K. 2014 rolls around, and here I go, running #alltheraces with Glass Slipper Challenge, Marine Corps Historic Half, and my first full, the Marine Corps Marathon. Even though I’m a self-proclaimed turtle and prefer to stay in the back of the pack during a race, I’m surprised that my PRs are not that terrible. I whipped up a spreadsheet and listed my split times to get a visual feel for where I stand currently. In the overarching picture, it’s not atrocious. It could be a lot worse (i.e. I could have NO times because I never picked up running!).

As of now, I will probably not race again until Glass Slipper 2015. Current PRs are as follows (splits and races):

5K split: 38:36 (2014 MCHH)

10K split: 1:20:15 (2014 MCHH)

15K split: 2:05:59 (2014 MCM)

Half split: 3:01:41 (2014 MCM)

5K race: TBR (to be run…I have not raced in a 5K yet!)

10K race: 1:25:33 (2013 ERC Turkey Trot 10K)

Half Marathon: 3:06:48 (2014 PHM)

Marathon: 6:51:51 (2014 MCM)

(Amazing that all those PR splits resulted from Marine Corps races! Must be something about the atmosphere that makes me not want to disappoint.)

Currently, I have no clue what my pace per mile is. By simple division, I’m landing between 12.5 and 14.5 mpm, but that fluctuates with every race. Aside from the MCM (which I’m swearing right now I won’t do another full), I have a feeling that I can easily beat all of my race and split PRs next year with a little extra training.

How have your races been this year? Any fantastic PRs? Is your racing schedule not quite done yet and you have some fun winter races scheduled?