MCM 2014….26 Days!


I think I may be emulating some other runners with my though process about the 2014 MCM:

  • Totally thought this was a great idea in March when I got picked via lottery system to run. *confetti*
  • Got my Runners World training plan, which should have started in July. However, I’ve been utterly lazy. Though I’ve subsituted other forms of exercise (aka traversing Scotland for two weeks up and down hills), my¬†longest run has been a 13-miler…two weeks ago.
  • I have less than a month to get my ass in gear.
  • This is the same way I went into the Historic Half. Enthusiastic attitude¬†with little training. My little legs barely made it up Hospital Hill.
  • I am so dead.


  • I still have a couple of weeks to get some long runs in. My 20-miler is scheduled for the second weekend in October.
  • Marathon running is more mental than physical.
  • I will be in the best company (30,000 runners), with hundreds of thousands of fans, citizens, supporters, and military personnel on hand.
  • Running through the monuments…gorgeous. Shame this race doesn’t take place at night.
  • Breaking down the mileage makes it more manageable:
    • Running¬†one mile 26 times with a .2 mile victory lap
    • Running eight 5K’s with a¬†1.4 mile¬†victory lap
    • Running four 10K’s with a 1.4 mile victory lap

And most importantly:

  • I. Can. Do. This.

And there will be plenty of cupcakes in the future.