The Story of the Bow


I like big bows and I cannot lie.

They’re my trademark accessory. Surprising for someone that’s almost 30 years old.

It’s amazing how many people will recognize me out of the blue when I’m sporting one during a race or wandering around places. With this identifiable symbol becoming associated to my name/blog/social media spheres, the possibilities of name branding become endless. I also like to feel girly every now and again. Bows and glitter. Cheering for people on and off the course. Spreading love and contagious enthusiasm.

How did the bow come to be? Well, I’ll tell you…


It’s quite simple.

For PHM 2013, I wanted to accessorize with something girly. I wasn’t keen on wearing a tutu or a tiara or having fairy wings, as it seemed the majority of the running population at the time was shifting towards those items. I wanted something different, yet still sport my excitement and enthusiasm towards my first race and runDisney in general.

I had acquired a pink and white bow from my college’s cheer squad during one of our “Pink Out” basketball games at some point. I may have worn it in my hair a couple of times while I was singing the anthem, and when I was out and about, because…why not? Being a former cheerleader, sporting a bow or ribbons of sorts is like being fitted for a glass slipper: revs up some sort of internal energy and transforms you. (Maybe not that intense, but you definitely feel a new pep in your step!)

So I wore the pink and white one for PHM ’13, and quickly retired it due to the elastic becoming seperated. It still hangs on my medal hanger above that medal as a “first race, first bow, first medal” symbolism.



Enter 2014.

My chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi became active at the end of the 2013 fall term. What better way to sport my fraternal dorkism level than with all things blue and white? I splurged on a jumbo Chasse Cheer blue/white/gold bow. Knowing the symbolism behind the colors, I felt like I could represent my brothers everywhere I went….including the inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge!

In addition to the GSC and Historic Half, I sported that bow at our District Convention. This resulted in a plethora of brothers now recognizing me wherever I went (IRL and social media) just because I wore it. I brought it with me to subsequent conventions, including our recent National Convention last summer in Kentucky. I would tell attendees, “Just look for the bow!”…and they did! (Last weekend at Disney, I had brothers in Florida call for me from across the Boardwalk just because they saw the bow at nationals. It’s really fun to be recognized for your trademark!)


Later in 2014, I added a third bow to the collection: the black and red with stars. I bought that one for the MCM, and wanting to mix up the color scheme a little, didn’t settle on a traditional red, white, and blue bow. (It also matches the MCM colors, which are black, red, and yellow!)

I stuck with bows #2 and #3 throughout 2015. When it came time for the WDW Marathon and the upcoming GSC, I knew I needed something new, something fresh.

*cue bows #4 and #5*


Bow #4 is green, white, and gold (or the “Tinkerbell” bow), and Bow #5 is a pink/white/stilver “Princess” bow (worn during the marathon and as a replacement for Bow #1). The most common phrase I would hear throughout WDW Marathon weekend was, “Are you runDisneyBelle/Christina? I thought so; I recognize the bow!”

*insert excessive giddiness and hugs and “I’m so happy to meet you!” here*

*end scene*


And there you have it. A relatively simple story about why I wear bows, and will continue to do so during running events.

Seriously…if you see the bow, come say hi. I love meeting new friends!

pink bow

’til next time…


4 thoughts on “The Story of the Bow

  1. AER January 23, 2016 / 3:21 PM

    Love the KKY bow! I have a similar one from my days in Kappa in college!

    Liked by 1 person

    • runDisneyBelle January 23, 2016 / 3:43 PM

      Hey there, brother! That’s awesome! Which chapter were you a part of? AEA 💙💙💛 🎀🎀🎀


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